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The Revolution in Advertising Network

An Innovative network to support local communities

Introduction Section

Onsquib Interactive Display connects local communities one to another. The innovation to build a strong brand on a strong community. We are targeting your feeds to the right audience. Advertiser can enjoy the simplicity on Local Advertising Network. The best solution for businesses, organizations, website, blog, eCommerce, storefronts, events, public places, retail places, and more. Join now!

Made in Los Angeles, California, United States


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Local Impact to Society


As a part of the local communities, we actively participate in local charity events. This is our commitment to make positive changes in society.

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Grow Sells section

Grow sales with onsquib

Connect your display with Interactive Onsquib. You can control social media feeds to engage with your customers

Advanced Technology

Onsquib enables you to buy and sell ads space easily online. Find your strategic places to advertise your business.

Powerful Security

Your peace of mind is our top priority. We use various security methods to ensure your privacy is totally protected.

Case Studies

Our clients have proven significant impacts, real experience like you.

Connect Feeds

Connect any feeds to your display, from social media feeds, menu, promotions, and more.